Adidas – Be The Difference was a kick-off campaign to promote Adidas X and Ace series, it was celebrated by the national football athletes, a couple of superstar DJs, and other celebrities.

The Future of Football was the main idea itself, where the game is judged not just by goals but by individual performance as well, such as showboating, tricks, comedic stunts, etc.

To support the event, we created a system where the audience’s excitement can be measured and converted as visual representations, on each game session we picked 10 random audience members and seated them at the very front of the court, then during the game each of their expressions and heartbeats are monitored and fed into our visual system.

Any data spikes, goals, or other player actions will serve as visual cues, each trigger contains audio SFX, cinematic and lasers display.

In short, the main visual itself was made with TouchDesigner, the face expression was captured by a custom iPad app that was built inĀ openFramework, the heartbeat was monitored by tapping to the MIO band API, and finally to communicate the data transmission we had used Open Sound Control and Bonjour.

Producers/Account Managers

Yusuke Yamanaka, Matsumoto Akirajiro


Kenji Mori, Rahmat Hidayat, Kazuki Sakoh, Kiki Hasegawa, Takashima Jun


Kitai Takayuki


Shogo Tabuchi, Manabu Ariyoshi