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It’s been awhile since I did something in Flash, 懐かしい〜。 I’ve been experimenting with eye tracking system in Flash lately, there are a few demos out there but none of them provide the source code. Through Google I came across to Fabian Timm and Erhardt Barth’s research, which basically explains the face detection process as […]

Was built on Adobe Air 2.6 platform, click here (Flash warning) to view the site.

Pretty straight forward and you can use fancy fonts as well, in the example I’ve used GE SS Two Medium font.

There is always something exciting about Apple, whenever they launch their product everybody just mesmerized by it, gasped and awed in unison to its shines, it reminds me of Willy Wonka when he unveils his Chocolate factory. iPhone OS4 had just been released today and has introduced some new features such as: Wallpaper on the […]

I’ve been learning an awful lot of Cocoa lately, and to be honest at first I thought the syntax would be somewhat similar to what AS3 is, but apparently I’ve found a massive gap separating between the two. There are a lot of tutorials and forums out there that can guide you into the right […]

A series of internet memes has again sparked another heated debates, first it was the first javascript website showcased in the FWA and later the YouTube- HTML5 integration. Since the dawn of the internet-era, infinite debates amongst these developer elitists were always inundated the World Wide Web and one of the revered topic is of […]

Determining the perfect balance between performance and quality was a very tedious experience for me and I was flabbergasted since hours of digging through google I realized that no one has ever documented the mantra (or maybe I was googling at a different direction). After a few grueling days of publishing, remodeling the 3D (which […]

If you have been living on the moon and just recently got bombed, you probably haven’t heard the infinite rumors of Flash versus iPhone. But now the perplexity has finally been answered, a few weeks ago Adobe has presented a demo of Flash Professional CS5 with a native iPhone apps builder! In a nutshell, what […]

The first time I saw Augmented Reality I think when I was 14 years old, it was a footage about an invention in gaming, I remembered it quite clearly it was racing game but with a real desk projected as its terrain, the car was hoping through the books and dodging stationaries as if they […]

The first time I came to Dubai I had to do the inevitable, grueling with bidirectional text with dubious deadlines, at first I was shocked, appalled, and frustrated with flash, here’s a software which has been established for a decade but still couldn’t manage how to parse a proper Arabic yet Arabic is one most […]