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This is my first Leap Motion experiment! thank you Leap Motion for delivering this wonderful device to me. The art was heavily influenced by the talented Robert Hodgin, although it’s nowhere as good as his work. Leap Motion Experiment #1 from Rahmat Hidayat on Vimeo. Leap Motion Experiment #2 from Rahmat Hidayat on Vimeo. For […]

Prefab is the most ingenious flash tool I’ve ever encountered yet; it makes 3D game in flash a snap. But if you just starting to probe into this tool, there are several quirks that you must notice and it mostly involves the modeling and BSP generating process, so here it goes; How to model First […]

Perfection! Created by Patrick Jean from One More Production.

The first time I saw this, I’ve never thought that it was a CGI, the whole atmosphere had been flawlessly executed, the models, the textures, and the lightings were perfect. Kudos for Alex Roman for his unprecedented work and may god bless mediocre achiever like me. The Footage: The Third & The Seventh from Alex […]