Augmented Reality

The first time I saw Augmented Reality I think when I was 14 years old, it was a footage about an invention in gaming, I remembered it quite clearly it was racing game but with a real desk projected as its terrain, the car was hoping through the books and dodging stationaries as if they were gorges.

And about a year ago Augmented Reality was again dubbed as the zeitgeist of the internet, its so easy to implement in flash, thank you to Saqoosha.

But it didn’t stop there, the zeitgeist continues to permeates to a level that is insanely creative and as I spent my time procrastinating and watching others whizzing through the moon leaving me behind, I’m finally able to immerse my self in Flash Augmented Reality, below, albeit minuscule, is the taste of things to come.

or if you have a webcam, first download and print the marker and go try it out yourself.

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