Flash finally supports hardware acceleration?

“I think they were being sarcastic when they named it Flash…”

That sentence was spoken by my non-Flash friend, even though he was obviously just making a joke by taking the context out of no where, deep down I was nodding in agreement.

Lately Flash has been slandered by the internet community due to its reputation as the CPU hogger, from twitter across the land of digg, they shout in unison but now a sliver of light has finally shines upon our dark caves as we cower in the face of uncertainty.

Flash finally utilizes the GPU acceleration, NVDIA and Broadcom has team up together to come up with an improvement for everything from Tegra Mids to Broadcom Crystal HD netbooks which has been confirmed by Broadcom that this flashy Flash Player will be available in the first half of 2010 but of course for a Flash Developer a month is regarded as a decade.

Throughout the years Flash has gain an enormous followers who were willing to do everything for the prosperity and the longevity of Flash and almost everybody from the Flash community has been begging adobe to create a faster player but instead they’re more keen to create inane features that were only used by the CSI team and in the dawn of fierce competition from HTML5 and super fast player like Unity3D more and more people are turning away from Flash and heading to a more greener pasture.

I think Flash has to realize that it cannot remain complacence anymore and start fighting if they want to keep themselves on the top.

via Engadget.

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