This is another of my private work.

Concept Brief

The concept of the design which I’ve had envision initially was a depiction of a dream of an opposite anthropomorphism story, in a way where human were enslaved by the animal.

But somehow it grew to something more simplistic as I thought having animals roam around the world would ruin the composition.

I’ve tried to adapt the sfumato style quite rigorously, since I think it goes hand in hand with the pastel colors and most importantly the initial concept.

Sketching the trees:


Designing the barn:


Creating the landscape:

At this point, I was really frustrated I had to make 5 drawings just find the one that is consistent with the whole theme:

The World:

World Sketch

Brushing on the colors.


And the down under.

Of all the objects I could have chosen of, I had chosen a barn I think it somewhat fits my concept.

Down under