Before Covid started we were approached by Hokkaido Airports they came up to us and elaborate at length about the 12 airports that Hokkaido has and why only the Chitose Airport —located near Sapporo— performed well. Naturally, their request was to increase the performance of other Airports.

Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash

I was responsible for building UI/UX and strategy.

So before we proposed a solution we first gather data from several sources, we discovered that almost every visitor has gone on the same journey and this journey can be divided into 4 simple moments.

  • The Discovery Moment happens mostly on Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, and Google search, this is where the visitor will be inspired. For this, we were able to collaborate with a company that could provide and decipher Instagram data this allows us to provide a location that currently is trending, an off-the-beaten-path location.
  • The Planning Moment is where the user collects inspirations and prioritize. This needs to be integrated with the discovery moment the process of exploring and planning needs to happen seamlessly.
  • The Can-I-afford it Moment is where all the discoveries and plans are going to be calculated and nudge the user to the final purchase decision. This is a critical moment as pricing and ease of experience will make or break the process.
  • Once everything is completed the final moment will be the actual travel experience or The Experience Moment, the entire process needs to be useful and easy to understand since during travelling a user may encounter tons of difficulties.

Those are the bases of our solutions, we were able to synthesize them into a service that we called Discover Hokkaido.

We identified three major steps on this service.

  • Pick and choose, is where the user can discover any desired location and create a plan based on that. The flow of the selection must go through the three steps;
    • Choosing the location from the Image Gallery
    • Check/adjust the best time to visit from the Timeline
    • Evaluate and check the approximate location to the nearest Airport from The Map, which allow us to nudge the visitor to the Airport(s).
  • Once the user selects the locations the next phase will be The Build which will be first generated by the algorithm, this enhances the planning moment as further adjustment can be done by the user also helps the can-I-afford it moment as the budget can be calculated here.
  • Save and Share, will have a list of booked/planned itineraries and completes the experience moment as a user can load their itinerary and just follow the detail during their travel.

The following is how the design would look on Desktop.

Below is the Adobe XD layout,

If you like to try the mobile prototype click here.