Imagination is more important than knowledge

A series of internet memes has again sparked another heated debates, first it was the first javascript website showcased in the FWA and later the YouTube- HTML5 integration.

Since the dawn of the internet-era, infinite debates amongst these developer elitists were always inundated the World Wide Web and one of the revered topic is of course who has the better developing platform.

The advent of HTML5 and the mission and vision which it carries is truly spellbinding for the internet community, but if you remember so had actionscript 3 during its inception.

Every technology has its share of flaws.

The impending problem that HTML5 has had to be adaptations and compatibility issues, the browser war will always be diluted by strategic marketing, business goals, and of course ego -which can be dubbed as the company ideology- and never in the interest of the developer.

The first HTML5 conundrum which has begun is the new video which its support is limited to web browsers that support the H.264 video codec mainly because W3C declined to specify a standard video codec to go along with new video element and you can guess it, IE deviates the notion completely and this just the beginning of other impediments which will come along.

Flash, as I’ve had mentioned its flaws and the prevalent hate memes such as the CPU hogger, the battery drainer, etc which all is true, and of course the choreographed demo of Flash player 10.1 in Nexus, was mainly caused by Adobe complacent and other aspect which mainly had to be the economy, the decrescendo of demand in Flash during this post-recession period has been abysmally loud (a bit of oxymoron there) and based on my experience, building a good Flash site needs a bit of an investment in time and money as oppose as HTML/JS sites, hence unless if it’s a niche market such as social-game company, almost nobody dares to invest such luxury or even has the needs that requires Flash to fulfill their business objective, except for that annoying ad banners which I mostly am doing now :(.

But from the Technology stand point, Flash I think can still accomplish, and I’m not trying to be subjective here, something that is better than what HTML/JS does, a few sites worth mentioning are:

I dare you to build something like that with HTML/JS, but again I’m not trying to devalue HTML/JS here, check out google, digg, etc.

But in conclusion these ridiculous dialogs are unfounded, history has repeatedly shown us that technology is merely a tool, a transient breeze that bound to be superseded by a better and in-your-face contender ergo we shouldn’t be trying to be a platform zealots, I’ve been experimenting with Unity3D, Cocoa, Jquery and of course Flash, I think exploring new Technology is the beauty of this keyboard-cat and Rick’n Roll’d era.

As an epilogue I will depart from this post by paraphrasing some guy with a weird hairdo who invented the theory of relativity:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

  1. Great post Rahmat.

    I see your point, and I have to agree with you. I feel like developers these days including myself, are afraid of learning new technologies and new platforms.

    Oh and I see that banner-ache of yours. 🙂

    – Tahir.


    • Thanks Tahir!

      The banner is quite painful 🙂 but I’ve learned to enjoy it now, in fact I’m planning to include those in my portfolio as well.


  2. hmm.. how do you add your own picture to the profile? that empty thumbnail is really annoying


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