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I’ve been using TouchDesigner lately for the latest Adidas project.

I was intrigued by it when I first saw Gravity, their whole system seemed robust, so one thing leads to the other we ended up using it for a real project, I had to learn everything from the beginning, up to the actual project launch in 3 weeks time which was surprisingly easy to do.

Their system is similar with Quartz Composer if anybody still remember it that is.. there are 2 languages that you can use Python and TScript, obviously Python was the best choice because you can use common Python libraries.


It can seamlessly runs with almost any version of GLSL and on top of that you can throw in audio stream, OSC, Kinect, Arduino, Oculus, integrate it with redis or nodeJS or OpenCV and have a super-complex system that runs in real-time and yet -depending on how your code is- it will still chugs along without any problem.

We’ve had it running for 3 hours straight and the framerates didn’t once drop, although if you were unfortunate you’ll caught it when it’s collecting garbage apparently TouchDesigner doesn’t collect any garbage, so not sure what have had happenned then.

For anybody who want to learn TouchDesigner and have a hot minute to spare, I recommend to start from Matthew Ragan’s website his teaching is fantabulous!

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