Simple Text to Speech method for Flash

UPDATE: October 1st, 2012
I noticed that the code doesn’t work anymore, since they’ve added a crossdomain reference and modified the API a bit, but a simple proxy should do the trick, check this blog for solution.

I’ve just discovered an ultra-simple way of converting text to speech utilizing an undocumented Google API code.


var _path:String = '';
var _sound:Sound = new Sound();

// all it takes is just to pass the words to the path						
_sound.load(new URLRequest(_path+ 'hello world'));
_sound.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, soundLoaded);

function soundLoaded(e:Event):void
	_sound.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, soundLoaded);
	_sound = null;

It’s limited, yet the practical uses of it are endless.

Here’s a little demo.

  1. Nice function, is there a way to put more text then the limit?


    • hey Chris, for the API it selves i haven’t tried any thing that is longer than the one i have in my demo, but I’m guessing yes, you can put something longer although i think it’ll use much more bandwidth and loads a bit longer as well.

      hope that helps..


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