iPhone application is Flash Professional CS5

If you have been living on the moon and just recently got bombed, you probably haven’t heard the infinite rumors of Flash versus iPhone.

But now the perplexity has finally been answered, a few weeks ago Adobe has presented a demo of Flash Professional CS5 with a native iPhone apps builder!

In a nutshell, what Flash does is compiles the AS3 encoding into native ARM format which can be deciphered by an iPhone, here’s the step by step of the procedure in case you don’t have the time to watch the video:

ABC Extraction & Compilation
AS code is pulled out and compiled by LLVM.
LLVM’s global optimizer looks for efficiencies.
Native ARM version of app linked against iPhone libraries.
App signed with dev certificate.
App and assets placed in an APP bundle then zipped to IPA.

Albeit it has a few imperfections which Flash shares, but I have to admit this is one of the most orgasmic feature that Flash has ever unleashed.

So hopefully as the momentum of the Open Screen Project continues to swing, it will allowes Adobe to keep moving forward and more importantly keeps their humble aficionados, such as myself :D, earning more living.

UPDATE apparently no matter what adobe does apple simply won’t let them in, so forget everything I’ve said above.

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