Prefab with Away3D

Prefab is the most ingenious flash tool I’ve ever encountered yet; it makes 3D game in flash a snap.

But if you just starting to probe into this tool, there are several quirks that you must notice and it mostly involves the modeling and BSP generating process, so here it goes;

How to model

  • First note the model has to be simple, so if you were planning to have any nooks or crannies on model ensure that the proximity between any triangles are as far apart as possible.

Prefab Simple

  • Every vertex has to be united with one another and ensure that there are no vertices holes.
  • If you have a large environment try to make the shapes as one enormous chunk, a modular shapes can make the calculation process much heavier and sometimes can lead into an application crash.
  • If the model has multiple rooms then ensure the walls are part of the model.

Prefab Bad
Prefab Good
How to generates the BSP

  • Depending on what application you are using to build the model, its best to just export it as Collada 1.4 although Prefab does supports other format but the occasion happens haphazardly.
  • Once you have the Collada file when you import it, the model sometimes will look out of scale, simply rescale it by modifying Scene Obj Scale and ensure that camera guideline fits snugly inside the model just like you expected to be, even if you have to augment the scale to 100 times its original scale.

Prefab Good
Follow these steps and I guarantee you like yourself more at the end of the day and the last thing that you have to notice is that when the texture is generated, it will creates a mysteriously huge PNG file (hopefully that will be gone in the next version), you can alter that just by re-exporting the texture from Photoshop.

And I think that just about it, even though this breakthrough is awe-inspiring but you still can’t rely it to make a full blown FPS game just yet. So enjoy the demo below, use your arrow keys and mouse to navigate.

  1. Very useful little tutorial/tips. Thankyou!


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