Leap Motion First Experiment

This is my first Leap Motion experiment! thank you Leap Motion for delivering this wonderful device to me.

The art was heavily influenced by the talented Robert Hodgin, although it’s nowhere as good as his work.

Leap Motion Experiment #1 from Rahmat Hidayat on Vimeo.

Leap Motion Experiment #2 from Rahmat Hidayat on Vimeo.

For experiment #2 I’ll update the World Matrix as soon as I can.

The frequency sometimes haphazardly fluctuates which can break the interaction but that can be compensated by a simple noise reduction algorithm, also I suspect that they’ll be improving the software on every update.

But overall considering the price and the size, its performance is superb, the latency almost non-existent and is even faster than Kinect.

I’m going to use Cinder for the next experiment, perhaps with C++ performance can be enhanced.

If you want to try it on your own you can download it here, this is my first experiment so expect loads of bug. 🙂


Leap Motion SDK
Leap JS

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