The need for Speed

The surge of mobile/desktop optimization has been overwhelmingly demanding lately, but maintaining a consistent performance, weight, and look across all browsers/devices is excruciating painful, especially on mobile.

The one who got really close is Jongmin Kim’s website, which this demo had been inspired from.

So driven by curiosity I made yet another Hipster Gallery employing the latest technology and techniques such as CSS3, Canvas, WebGL, and miscellaneous.

It hasn’t been rigorously tested so expect incompatibility issues here and there, but it works pretty well on Chrome and Apple’s devices.

And have a peek at my code and feel free to use it but please don’t remove my name.



0.1 (2013/04/17)
– First version

0.2 (2013/04/18)
– Fixed some css issues
– Removed hover for mobile
– Fixed CSS transform javascript
– Fixed a few implementations on FF
– Added version list

Tested on

Chrome 26.0, Firefox 20.0, Safari Version 6.0

iPad Retina iOS 6.3 Safari + Chrome
iPhone > 4, > iOS 6 Safari + Chrome

  1. ya ampun, keren banget ini mas T.T


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