Photoshop Script

Just a bit of intermezzo, I’ve built a photoshop script that’ll detect the position of an object and store it in JSON.

How to do it

1. First, arrange your objects like so;

Notice the naming convention.

The object you want to retrieve its position from, is nested inside a folder which has its name appended with “@”, this concept was taken from cutandslice.

2. Run the script.

and it’ll churn a JSON like below;

	"stage": {
		"item1": {
			"x": 277,
			"y": 618,
			"width": 287,
			"height": 646

So if your job involves endless toiling with Photoshop, then script automation will extremely optimize your flow work and you can use the ubiquitous Javascript! I swear you can’t do any coding without bumping with Javascript now a days.

Smart example is of course cutandslice, it has become an inseparable tools for me.

If you’d like to make it your own, start from Michael Chaize’s tutorial below;

Tested on

– Adobe Photoshop CS6
– Mac OSX 10.8.4


Source file

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